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    <p>Warlord Industries offer a range of military footwear including, combat boots, tactical boots, fitness shoes and hiking shoes. We offer reputable brand names for each footwear product offered. This ensures you only get the highest quality of product. Browse through our wide selection of military footwear below.</p>
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    <p><span style="font-size:10pt;font-style:normal;">Warlord Industries stocks a range admin and identification products ideal for any combat situation. We offer a variety of different products including identification holders, flags and writing equipment, offering maximum storage for all your professional admin items. Take a look at our range of military identification product categories listed below.</span></p>
    <p><span style="font-size:13.3333px;">We stock a wide selection of military backpacks, cases and rucksacks in a variety of different styles and colours ideal for any combat situation. Select one of the product categories below to find exactly what you are looking for, each of our product listings contain in depth information about specifications associated with each product.</span></p>
    <p><span style="font-size:13.3333px;">Warlord Industries provide a wide range of military clothing suitable for any season and any combat situation. If you're looking for quality clothing designed to meet the demands of durability, comfort and functionality, we have you covered. Have a look at our range of military clothing categories listed below.</span></p>
    <p>Warlord Industries understand the importance of having the right field kit essential for combat situation, we have you covered! Our range of field equipment includes thermal mugs, cooking equipment, dry bags, food products and field gear. Take a look at our field kit categories below.</p>
    <p>Warlord Industries offer a wide range of military gloves including tactical gloves, fingerless gloves, cut resistant gloves much more. We know the importance of keeping your hands safe and protected during combat, we have you covered! Browse our wide range of military gloves listed below.</p>
    <p>Combat knives are the ideal tools to designed for any tactical or combat situation. Warlord Industries offers a wide range of multipurpose military knives including fixed blades, folding blades, Leatherman multi tools and Bear Grylls branded products. Browse through each combat knife categories listed below.</p>
    <p>Military navigation tools are exponentially important in any combat situation. Warlord Industries offers a range of navigation products including, compasses, pace counters and Garmin Products. We understand the importance of knowing your position during combat or exploration, you'll find the right navigation product ideal for any situation below!</p>
    <p>A well outfitted backpack can be considered the most important pieces of equipment for any situation. Warlord Industries offer a range of quality military packs. Our options vary between sizes to ensure you have the right amount of luggage space for any situation, these options include, covert carry packs, long range packs, medical packs and short range packs.</p>
    <p>We offer a wide selection of durable military webbing products ideal for any combat situation. Warlord Industries range of webbing products includes, belt kits, platforms and slings. Step-up your tactical gear setup and feel confident in overcoming any obstacle with one of our quality webbing products. Browse through our range of military webbing products listed below.</p>
    <p>Military pouches ensure you have your most essential pieces of equipment when it comes to combat correctly concealed and attached at all times. Warlord Industries offer a range of pouches including, ammunition, comms, holsters, medical and utility. Our products are made to be extremely durable and provide consistent performance during any situation. Browse our selection of military pouches listed below.</p> <p></p>
    <p>If you are looking for comfortable military sleeping gear suitable for combat situations, hunting or camping, then look no further! Warlord Industries offer a range of sleeping products including, sleeping bags, bivy bags and sleeping mats. Take a look at our range of military sleeping gear products listed below.</p>
    <p>Our collection of quality military headwear provides ideal cover for operations in hot, cold and rainy weather. Warlord Industries offer a range of headwear products including, balaclavas, caps, beanies, bucket/brim hats and TAC wrap to name a few. Browse through each of the military headwear products listed below.</p>
    <p>Keeping your eyes protected is exponentially important during combat. Warlord Industries offers a range of eyewear products perfect for any situation in any environment. We offer reputable brands including ESS Tactical, Oakley and Smith Optics. To view one of our many military sunglasses click one any of the brands below.</p>
    <p>Time management enables you to get your work done whether it be at home or out on the field, keep track of your time with one of our military watches. Warlord Industries military watch range includes a variety of reputable brand names including, Casio and Suunto. Notable features from some of these products include a built in compass, depth meter and GPS. Browse through our range of watches below.</p>
    <p>Staying hydrated while on the field is crucial in being able to perform at your absolute best. Warlord Industries understands this and has compiled a wide range of hydration products on offer for you including, bottles, packs, accessories. Browse through our wide range of military hydration products listed below.</p>
    <p>We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing premium police gear to law enforcement agencies and officers. Warlord Industries offer a range of police products including, belts, magazine holders, flashlight holders and identification patches. Browse through our range of police gear product categories listed below.</p>
    <p>Finding the right military flashlight can be challenging as there are a variety of different specifications to take into consideration, we have you covered. Warlord Industries provide a range of tactical lights including, headlamps, flashlights and markers. Take a look at our variety of military lighting equipment below.</p>
    <p>Our range of military earmuffs provide the perfect hearing protection ideal for a variety of situations. Warlord Industries range of hearing protection include, military earmuffs, protective earbuds and more. Browse through our range of military earmuffs listed below to find more about each specification.</p>
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