SORD Frame and Straps


Offering the comfort and support for the SORD Large Field Pack or any large pack, this combination allows you to go the distance with the weight soldiers are used to. This frame and strap kit is compatible with most ALICE type packs currently available

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The primary design advance is the re-curved load stabilizer bar that spans the wearer’s shoulders. This bar cradles the load at the optimum balance point for lateral load stability while effectively distributing pressure over the shoulders and down to the hips. Because the stabilizer bar is located at the torsion node point created by the shoulders and hips twisting the frame in opposite directions while the wearer walks, the bar does not pitch the load side to side; the cradling ends of the bar only roll on the latitudinal axis.

Compact & Lightweight - 28% lighter and 2" shorter than the #1603 frame while still stably supporting loads up to 200lbs. Made from a new polymer for superior field durability. The backward curving stabilizer bar design also creates ample room for the wearer’s arms to move backward for improved range of arm motion. 

Numerous attachment points as well as two built-in jam cleats.mpact resistant - capable of surviving 32 fps impacts with concrete fully loaded (120#)\r\nStandard issue MOLLE Large shoulder and belt pad sets can be used with the #1606MM frame.


The contoured shoulder straps transfer the weight effectively across the back and over the shoulders providing additional comfort over old ALICE style packs. The hardened foam padding minimises sagging, hot spots and bunching by dispersing the weight over a greater area. Open back ventilation area provides breathability to the system better for hot and or tropical climates. The field pack straps are adjustable for height.

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